Give your healed tattoos your own Touch up on a Daily Basis. Keeping all of the same natural and organic ingredients we use in our soaps and Salve-Vival this is a daily essential your body and healed tattoos need ! We use only the best quality ingredients like all our products that is designed for both tattooed and non tattooed skin.
Numb Skulled Touch Up is just what your face and body needs everyday of the week. Our special Blend of organic and natural ingredients will leave your skin and tattoos glowing and with a great shine after each application. This all natural product is your solution to keep your tattoos looking the best they possibly can everyday after they have healed. It also contains many anti aging ingredients that will keep your skin looking younger for a longer period of time. Great for people who have reactions to products that contains chemicals , artificial preservatives and perfumes. This has non of that .This product is great for people who suffer from skin conditions and is also Vegan friendly.

Numb Skulled TOUCH UP After-After Care (100g)