• We are now happy to announce that we have created our own numbing cream product that lasts between 3 - 4 hours.  
    Our 15g tube is perfect for an average size tattoo 
    Larger areas may require 2 tubes. 
    With 6% Lidocaine & 4% Prilocaine as our choice of compounds, this ensures you have the desired numbing effect for the longest time possible.  
    Numb Skulled has researched and trialled many options before deciding that this is the best combination available. 
    Apply the numbing cream generously (thick) and wrap with Snake Skin or Clingwrap & leave on for 1 hour before wiping off the remaining cream for maximum numbing effect.
    Do not drink alcohol within 48 hours of wanting to use our numbing cream as this can alter the effects. 
    Once tube is open use whole tub that same day
    This product once opened it loses effectiveness quickly so for maximum effect always have a fresh tube ready to go.

    NUMB - Numbing Cream