Numb Skulled Natural Tattoo Aftercare Bar Soap, Flesh Foam or Liquid Edition is to be usedstraight after you getthe tattoo and when you get home from your tattoo appointment (should be wrapped in clingwrap) take the cling wrap off then shower straight away then wash the tattoo with our soap as soon as you get in , then go about your normal shower but try not to get any other body wash, shampoo ect to touch the tattoo (you can even wash your whole body with our Soap!!), then just as your about to get out of the shower , wash it again with our soapthen rinse off, after that pat it dry with a clean towel or paper towel then straight away use the Numb Skulled Salve-Vival or Salve-Vegan and rub and massage into the tattoo, make sure your hands are clean from just getting out the shower buy washing them with our soap 😉 then apply the NS Salve-Vival or Vegan , makng sure you really massage it in and around the tattoo ( it will help with the redness and swelling) then once you have done this wrap it straight away with clean/fresh clingwrap tightly. Repeat this 2 to 3 times a day if possible for the first 2 days. Then after the 2 or 3days of wrapping it after washing and applying Numb Skulled Salve-Vival or Salve-Vegan, do the same process without wrapping it. You should find after this it will be nice light flakey peel with no major scabbing. It’s essential to keep it clean with our natural Aftercare Soaps, Salve-Vival and wrapped (for the first 3 days) while the tattoo is so open to infection. HAPPY HEALING !! make sure you follow our Instagram page @_numb_skulled and tag us when you post healed photos of using our products.


After the tattoo has been completed make sure your tattoo is clean (with Numb Skulled Soap Range) then apply a small amount of Numb Skulled Salve-Vival or Salve-Vegan and massage into the tattoo making sure it is rubbed into the tattoo only.(try not to get on skin around tattoo as the SnakeSkin needs to stick to the skin around the tattoo) The 1st application of NS SnakeSkin can be left on up to 12 hours maximum as this time period tends to be where it bleeds and weeps the most. Feel free to change earlier if need be if bleeding or weeping is heavy. When removing the NS SnakeSkin film,make sure you carefully wash the area with Numb Skulled Soap with warm running water in shower as it can be tricky to take off sometimes.Once completely off give it a good wash with the NS Soap , rinse with warm water then pat dry with a CLEAN towel or paper towel, when dry use a little Numb Skulled Salve-Vival or Salve-Vegan and really rub and massage into the tattoo making sure it is just rubbed into tattoo only. Re apply the new SnakeSkin sheet or sheets and suggest you leave this application for around 24 hours if it’s not bleeding or weeping too heavy. Keep doing these steps for the first 4 days after the tattoo has been done. After the 4 days you can leave the NS SnakeSkin on for about 48 hours after each re application. Tattoo should be healed at around the 5-7 day mark 🙂 A very hassle free heal when you have to be at work the days after the tattoo was done, as you can just apply and forget about it all day. You may find after applying and re-applying there may be a build up from the glue , please note that the glue wont affect the healing and may be hard to get off completely in one wash, just make sure it is as clean as you can get it before applying by washing it with our soap range (alcohol wipes & eucalyptus oil also work great to help break down excess glue)

We have even tried and heard of people leaving their SnakeSkin on for up to 5 or so days at a time also getting great results! Really it’s all personal preference but fresh is best!